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the no.1 wedding gift list service

Gift2us | A FREE Wedding Gift List Service for Engaged Couples

The No.1 Wedding Gift List Service

A wedding gift list provides you with ultimate flexibility in how you spend the gifts your wedding guests’ kindly give on your big day. You can choose to exchange funds from your wedding account for leading retailer gift cards, redeem for experience days or book your perfect honeymoon using our concierge booking service.*

So, if you want to avoid an ‘old school’ kettle and toaster wedding gift, perhaps you and your partner already live together and have all the essentials you need for your home, the Gift2us wedding list could be your ideal solution.

After all, wouldn’t you prefer your wedding guests to contribute towards a honeymoon, high street shopping or perhaps treats or experiences for you and your (soon-to-be) other half?

*Don’t worry, you’ll still have the option to buy that toaster if that’s what you’re missing!

Sound Good? Build Your Personalised Wedding Guest Page

A few minutes is all it takes to set up your list. Simply input a few details below to get started and see how good your online wedding gift list could look...

A Huge Choice of Gifts for Couples

Once you’ve enjoyed your Wedding Day in all its glory comes the really fun bit… spending your gift funds!
You’ll be able to either swap gift list funds for store vouchers and gift cards in any of the shops shown below, or spend at Love2shop Holidays on your dream destination. Or do a combination of both. The choice is yours.

With any of these options there are no costs to you or your guests whatsoever, or for a small fee, you could even choose to receive a cheque instead (but why would you when you have all this choice).

Creating Your Wedding Gift List Is Quick and Easy

It’s dead easy to set up a wedding gift list that is personalised to reflect your wedding theme or your individual personalities and what’s more, it’s completely free!

Simply follow these steps and you can tick that slightly tricky topic of gifts off your wedding to do list…


Supply us with a few details about you and your partner using the form below or click here.


Upload your own photos and any introductory text you would like to personalise your guest page.
You can even share your love story and add a thank you message for contributing guests.

3.Create wishlist

Add any items to your wishlist that you'd like to purchase with contributions from your guests (or simply request donations to a central pot).

4.Tell your guests

Distribute a personalised card directing guests to your wedding page (perhaps include it with your wedding invite).
We'll send you 100 free cards in your welcome pack to issue as you please. You can also share your page by social media or email.

5.Wait for pressies!

Your guests can then add funds to your account before the big day, together with any congratulatory message that they wish. Then wait for the pressies to come rolling in!

6.Spend, spend, spend

Now for the fun part. You can use your Gift2us Card at any time to access the balance of your online account.
You can swap for high street store vouchers and gift cards, or spend it on your dream honeymoon by calling the Love2shop Holidays team, who will source your perfect romantic break.

Make It Your Own

Once you are registered you can personalise your gift list page with photos of family and friends, then populate your gift wish list by uploading photos and descriptions of household items or honeymoon destinations.
Take a look at a couple of example lists below…
Steve and Emma's Honeymoon
Adam and Claire's New Home

From your secure account, you can make changes to your list at any time, see details of gifts that are bought for you, check the balance of your gift fund, and read messages left by your friends and family. You can even send ‘Thank You’ messages from here!

Request a FREE Pack

Alternative TextRegister today to set up your online guest page, and whilst you're doing that we'll also pop a pack in the post, in which you will receive:

Gift2us Card - this is your passport to access the funds held on your account. Keep hold of this and once your guests start to buy you gifts you’ll be able to swap the balance online for vouchers, gift cards or spend at Love2shop Holidays on your dream honeymoon.

Invitation Cards – you will receive 100 free invitation cards, personalised with you and your partner’s name, the date of your special day and your unique gift page web address for your guests to send contributions.

Gift2us Presentation Box – Your Gift2us Card and Invitation Cards will come in a beautiful presentation box, a perfect memento for you to keep as a reminder of your special day.

Simply input a few details below to order a complimentary pack…


A Few Reasons to Choose Gift2us for your Wedding

Protection of your money is of paramount importance to us, and we are proud to provide a level of security many other gift list providers simply won’t. When you set up a gift list account with Gift2us, your funds will be safeguarded in a dedicated, secure account.
Why be limited? Unlike traditional department store lists, a Gift2us gift list can have items from different stores on one list at no charge. The funds are yours, so if you change your mind on the breadmaker you can use the same funds to book a well-deserved honeymoon instead.
Through our unique swap-shop service you can ensure that you take advantage of every special offer available from different retailers and tour operators, as you can choose your product at exactly the right time.
There are no hidden fees and no nasty surprises (Uncle Dave’s bad dancing aside). At no extra charge you can set up your list, have your guests use debit/credit cards, book your holiday/honeymoon, or swap your funds for top brand vouchers and gift cards. We’ll only charge you extra to receive your funds by cheque.

Go Social and Spread the Word!

You can start spreading the word about your wedding gift list by sharing the link with your guests on Facebook and Twitter or by Email from your event page. You can even download a digital version of your invitation card to share any other way you choose.
Why wait to get started? Start spreading the word with your friends and relatives by registering right now…

Want to Know More?

If there's anything you'd like clarification on, please call 0151 488 7142 or email info@gift2us.co.uk

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