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Have you ever found yourself asking "What on earth can I get for you as a present, you already have everything"? Well, you're not alone. There are so many special occasions like 40th or 50th Birthdays where friends and family would love to get a special present but really struggle to think of something. So instead you can use a Gift2us gift list to all club together to get a joint gift for your nearest & dearest, instead of lots of small individual gifts.

Imagine the look of sheer delight on your loved ones face on the morning of their 50th Birthday when you show them their Gift2us gift list which friends and family have all given on - perhaps it's towards a weekend in New York where the kids have all contributed towards the flights, and friends have bought a Broadway show, and you have bought the hotel! Or maybe a 40th Birthday trip to Paris with someone buying you a ticket to the Eiffel Tower and someone else getting you tickets to the Moulin Rouge.

It's really easy to do this with Gift2us. And when the holiday for your special occasion is booked with our sister company Love2shop Holidays, it's all free - no costs for using the gift list, no credit card fees for buying gifts, and no credit card fees for booking the holiday. You can personalise the look and feel of the gift list page - add a photo of the person whose special occasion it is for, add some words to describe to everyone else visiting the page what it is all about, and then let the gifting begin."

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