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Occasionally we get asked if it's not a bit rude asking for money towards your honeymoon on a wedding gift list. Well honestly no, it's not. The simple fact is that your friends and family WILL want to get you a gift for your special day. They would also like to think it is a gift that you REALLY want. Which is why gift lists have become so popular all over the world.

Once-upon-a-time, when you didn't live together (or even on your own) before getting married and had only lived with your parents until that point, the gift list was ideal for furnishing the newly weds home with pots and pans and teatowels. But nowadays, most couples have everything for the house already, so the gift list is a way of helping your friends and family still get you the gift YOU really want, it's just not likely to be a bone china dinner service that sits in the cupboard for years anymore. Though of course, with a Gift2us gift list you can still get vouchers to spend at your favourite stores like John Lewis and Debenhams to buy a dinner set if you really want one.

We've seen over recent years that using the gift list so your nearest and dearest can contribute towards different parts of your honeymoon has become one of the most popular types of wedding gift list. Instead of a toaster, your parents can buy you a romantic dinner on the beach. Instead of a teatowel, your Auntie can buy you cocktails by the swimming pool. And it all helps to give you your dream honeymoon to start your married life in bliss.

With a Gift2us wedding gift list for your honeymoon you can really personalise it as well, adding a photo of yourselves and the bits of your honeymoon you'd like as presents, as well as being able to write about where you are going on honeymoon - you could even add a poem like the one below:

We've lived together quite a while
with all our pots and pans,
and as we don’t need homely gifts
we’ve got another plan!
We know it's not traditional
but an awful lot more fun,
to have items on our wedding list
to help us catch some sun!
So if you’d like to give a gift
and send us on our way
a donation to our honeymoon
would really make our day!!

There are no fees for setting up and using a gift list at Gift2us - we don't even charge credit card fees for your guests when they contribute (unlike most other gift list companies). Book your honeymoon with our sister company Love2shop Holidays and there are no card fees with them either. We've been doing gift lists since 2003, and are really proud of our record and comments we get from our customers. So, get in touch and we'll help you book your perfect honeymoon which your friends and family can help to send you on.

And there's nothing rude about that.

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