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Valentine’s Day for engaged couples can be a bit of a damp squib.

With a wedding date on the horizon, you’re super conscious of spending your money when there’s the overwhelming cost of the wedding coming up, and topping the proposal as grand romantic acts go might be more than a bit difficult. Not to mention this kind of annual courtship might seem a bit quaint so deep into your relationship.

Fret not, we’ve got some tips on how you can still have a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day without having to break the bank at a restaurant:

Have an indoor date

Get down to M&S and load up for a picnic in the living room. Instead of fighting through throngs of people and paying over the odds for a meal from an overworked cook, put on a spread in the front room. Your own music, television, movies or board games are there waiting for you instead of a crowded restaurant and the rain.

Exploit nostalgia

You don’t have to splurge on the super romantic dinner date; you could do something much less expensive by cashing in on nostalgia from your early days as a couple. Places you went, shows or films you watched and meals you made for each other in the past can all be recalled for a night together.

Go on a mini-break

Defer the V-day festivities until the weekend, but instead of doing a more traditional Valentine’s Day evening, book a bargain city break for yourselves. Share new sights, sounds, tastes and culture in places like Madrid, Paris, or Amsterdam.

Take the focus off yourselves

After successive months of wedding planning, you might be more than a bit worn out on the concept of each other. Why not take the chance to spend time with friends, family, or even volunteering your evening for others?

Try something totally new

You’re used to each other, but what you’re probably not used to is having totally new things to bond over. Whether you’ve been dying to try yoga, get brave enough to go to your first jiu-jitsu class, or learn more about painting, give something brand new a try and have something new to talk about.

Go on a camping trip

Low cost, easy to book, and plenty of seclusion. Obviously, the mountains of Scotland aren’t ideal in the middle of February for most people, but there’s always the warmer climes in the south. You might still get wet, so this one’s only for the hardier outdoorsy types.

Make a custom coupon book

You know each other well enough, but instead of predictable things like massages or a “boy’s night,” try to be a bit more imaginative. How about one coupon to get out of a public argument in Ikea, or maybe something a bit more personal to your relationship.

Get lost

Strike out into the night without a plan or a map, see where it takes you. No relying on TripAdvisor to pick a restaurant, or Google to tell you where to go, let blind luck take control. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be the greatest night ever, it’s better than something predictable.
Romance and novelty don’t have to completely leave the scene when you’re engaged, and you don’t have to settle for dull Valentine’s Day dates.

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