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There are many ways to be a good wedding guest. Avoid wearing white, RSVP on time and respect the couple’s wishes when it comes to plus ones. But what about gifting? Is it imperative that you bring a gift? How do you know what gift to choose and how much should you spend? We’ve put together the ultimate gift giving guide for guests to make buying the perfect wedding gift a breeze.

There’s a Wedding Gift List. Can I Go Off Registry?

Some couples make gifting simple by having an online gift wish list. This means you can simply go to the website and pick out a gift that complements your budget safe in the knowledge that the bride and groom will love it. However, it can be tempting to get creative and surprise them with a gift idea that you have thought up on your own. Only go for this option if you know the couple very well and stick to sentimental, handmade gifts that will always be well received. In most cases, the couple have picked out a range of gifts that they love and it is recommended that you stick to the wedding present list. Do not use the wedding list as inspiration as the likelihood is that, if they have listed a certain brand of kitchen appliance in a certain colour and design, a different brand or colour probably won’t cut it.

The Invitation Doesn’t Address Gifting. What Now?

So, what should you do if the invitation holds no clues about gifting? The easiest thing to do is write a cheque or include some money in a card. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Giving money doesn’t have to be totally unimaginative. If you know where the couple plan to go on their honeymoon, you could present them with notes in that currency. Get crafty and use origami skills to turn your notes into bride and groom shapes.

What Should I Spend?

Now, many people find the subject of how much to spend on a wedding gift an awkward matter but it doesn’t have to be. There is no right answer to this and the correct value is often the amount that you are happy giving. If you are attending on your own, you may wish to give less than if you are attending with a plus one. Why not pool your funds together with friends to get a more impressive gift?

Can I Opt Out of Gifting?

Remember, the couple in question simply want you there to spend the day with them not to spend your hard earned cash on them so keep in mind that it is your presence that is the most important thing. It is not obligatory to give a gift but if you choose not to, always remember to put some words of wisdom in a card for the happy couple and your sentiments will be greatly received.

Follow these simple gifting rules and take the stress out of finding that perfect present.

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