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You’ve got a spreadsheet to help you keep track of those ever growing wedding day expenses but even the most prepared couples forget to budget for these six unexpected wedding costs.

Popping the Question

Before paying the deposits for your dress, cake and caterers comes the exciting task of asking your closest friends and family members to be in your bridal party. No longer is this a matter of asking your ushers and bridesmaids face to face with brides finding more and more creative ways to pop the question. However, with creativity comes unexpected costs. If you do plan to send your bridal party a balloon-a-gram, a cute little package or a handmade card, don’t forget to add this expense to your spreadsheet.

Pre-Wedding Pampering

You want to look your best for the big day and the cost of these pre-wedding beauty treatments can add up. There are the bridal hair and makeup trials that help you to discover your preferred hair and makeup look for the day. Then you will have to pay your hairdresser and makeup artist to travel to your venue and their time spent with you and the bridal party on your wedding morning. Don’t forget to factor in their travel costs if you are getting married in a different city. Lastly, there are those last minute beauty treatments such as your wedding day manicure, pedicure, eyebrow wax and spray tan to consider.

Postage Costs

You have spent hours poring over wedding invitation designs and you’ve finally picked out the perfect set of wedding stationery but have you thought about postage costs? Those invites will need to be mailed out to each and every guest and that means shelling out for stamps. While this isn’t going to break the bank, it will bump up your wedding costs.


Have you thought about alteration costs? Once you have picked out the perfect wedding and bridesmaid dresses, you will usually have to get them altered so that they offer the perfect fit. Alteration costs are rarely included, so be prepared to pay a little bit extra for this.

Vendor Meals

While you will have anticipated paying for meals for your guests, you may not have factored in the cost of feeding your vendors. Many of your vendors will be staying for the full course of the day and many of them into the night and they will need a meal to keep their energy levels up. This could include the photographer, the videographer, the band, even the wedding planners so incorporate this into your wedding budget to stop them from going hungry.

Thank You Cards

Once the big day is over, the time will come to thank each and every guest for their generosity. If you’ve opted for an online wedding gift list, you will have a record of who bought what so all you have to do is buy some thank you cards and put aside some time to write them. Don’t forget to set aside a little of your wedding budget for personalised thank you cards and postage stamps.

So, there you have it. Six unexpected wedding costs that you may not have thought of.

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