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There are many reasons to tie the knot in the winter months. Many couples choose to take advantage of venue discounts that come about at this time of year, while others simply want to capture the magic of a winter’s day during their wedding. However, planning a wedding in the colder months comes with a completely different set of considerations and with this in mind, let’s take a look at the four top tips to planning a winter wedding.

Phenomenal Photography

The first thing to consider is the effect the darker days and evenings will have on your wedding photos. While this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get some stunning shots of your wedding party, it will mean your photographer will have less light to play with. So what does this mean for you? It simply means that if you plan to have a winter wedding, you will need to discuss this with your photographer right off the bat and perhaps consider having your ceremony earlier in the day to make the most of the light you do have.

Seasonal Styling

While peonies and pastel colours are staples of a summer wedding, winter weddings require a totally different approach to décor. The winter months allow for some truly stunning styling opportunities and more often than not, it can cost you a lot less. Winter weddings lend themselves to DIY décor and you can save a fortune by opting for nature inspired décor. Chopped logs, twigs and tree stumps can provide the perfect rustic wedding décor, simply pair with touches of gold to add a hint of glamour. Rather than confetti, have your wedding guests wave sparklers in the air and adorn your church pews with rustic wreaths. Why not use pine cones sprinkled with gold shimmer and sequins as place settings?

Flowers and Favours

If you are getting married during the months of October to February, weather is going to be an obvious consideration. However, the cold weather is the ideal opportunity to add those cosy touches you wouldn’t dream of incorporating on a summer’s day. Cable knit blankets folded over your church pews, a wicker basket filled with umbrellas, mini hot water bottles as favours and boozy hot chocolate toddy’s as a welcome drink are just a few fabulous and festive ideas. When it comes to flowers, swap pastel coloured roses for subtle yet striking greenery. Don’t forget to sprinkle some mistletoe around your venue to add a touch of romance to the proceedings.

Cosy Clothing

The dress code for brides isn’t quite as simple in the winter months as it is in the summer. You will need something to cover your shoulders especially if you are getting married and having the wedding breakfast in separate venues. Opt for a cosy faux-fur cape and don’t forget to think about appropriate footwear. Mud and rain does not go well with white satin shoes. Why not wear some personalised wellingtons or perhaps a pair of converse trainers with your married name embroidered on?

These are just a few of the things to consider when planning a winter wedding.

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