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When you’re putting your wedding list together make sure you consider items which will last. There’s nothing wrong with slipping electronics, holidays or white goods onto your wedding gift list but it’s a missed opportunity not to throw in some items which will last.

Not only will these tokens of your union be able to stay with you for long after your wedding day has gone, you could have the chance to pass them on to your children one day. Even if they seem a bit pricey, who are you to say no if someone wants to dig a bit deeper into their pockets for your big day?

We’ve got six ideas sourced from the Gift2us gift catalogue...

Cast iron cookware

You’ll struggle to ruin a cast iron pan. Even a rusty neglected one can be saved, making them perfect for hanging on to for years. Compared to traditional pans they’re more durable, hold on to heat longer, and instead of losing their non-stick coating they season over time and improve.

Inspiration from the Gift2us catalogue: Le Creuset Cast Iron Pan

The sturdy kitchen table

If your family is anything like ours, your kitchen table is a centrepiece for the entire house, even when it’s usually too cluttered to be used for a meal. A strong wooden table will survive the rough and tumble of raising children, and could one day be the same table your grandchildren will deposit their schoolbags and toys on.

Inspiration from the Gift2us catalogue: John Lewis Oak Dining Table or Matthew Hilton Round Dining Table


Phones and wearable electronics might have overtaken the practical use for a wristwatch but they’re still valuable and fashionable items. There are watches which will appreciate over time, but if you’re looking for an investment there’s better options. A more sensibly priced watch will survive for decades with good care and could end up being prized by your children.

Inspiration from the Gift2us catalogue: Rolex Perpetual or Tissot Carson

Robust outerwear

We all too often tend to think of clothing as a disposable item which wears out and gets replaced quickly, but a bit of smart buying can get you an item which will last for ages. In particular, something like a thick fabric navy jacket works; it’s timelessly fashionable, works for a variety of weather, goes with a host of wardrobes for years on end. You might need to replace some buttons and liners here and there but the coat will persevere.

Inspiration from the Gift2us catalogue: Hobbs Navy Ophelia Coat or M&S Collared Neck Coat

Hardwearing luggage

Stylish, rugged luggage doesn’t stop looking great and never stops being useful. Even as leather ages it takes on a hard-worn, charming appearance as long as its cared for appropriately. Unlike synthetic materials, when seams or linings degrade they can be replaced, increasing the life time of a product potentially to generations.

Inspiration from the Gift2us catalogue: M&S Casual Leather Holdall

A steel bed

Yes, you’ll have to weather some poor jokes from Uncle Bill about asking for a bed at your wedding, but a steel bed frame is a great investment. Steel doesn’t crack, chip or degrade like a wooden bed, so it’ll last forever. If you manage to bend any of the steel, a blacksmith can reheat and straighten it and the wooden slats can be replaced at a DIY store, not to mention they look amazing.

Inspiration from the Gift2us catalogue: Castello Pewter Bedstead

As with all gifts, your mileage may vary. For anything to last a long time it needs care, attention and considerate use, but making sure you get the right items up front makes the job all the more likely to succeed.

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