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Once you’ve set the date for your special day, you’re likely to find yourself with a plethora of things to do, not least of all to create a wedding gift list for all your guests. You might well be surprised to hear there’s actually a lot of things to consider beyond just putting items on a list.

Whether you choose the old-fashioned method of handing out a written wish list to your guests or decide a more modern way, online (which is massively popular now compared to pen and paper lists). You need to make sure it accommodates everyone’s budget, without causing any embarrassment to those who might not be able to dig deep for the pricey items.

Given a little thought, it is pretty simple.

Include a variety of gifts at different price points

To ensure your gift list is accessible and fair, vary the items from a low price point cost right up to more expensive items, so your guests can easily decide where to pitch their gift price range and feel confident they’re getting you something you’ll like.
The last thing you want to do is to make your friends feel uncomfortable about how much they’re expected to spend and it may even put people off accepting your invite to save them the embarrassment of not being able to afford it.

Consider monetary donations

To save awkwardness many couples tend to ask for monetary donation. Some couple planning a honeymoon abroad will ask for a local currency, or more usually plump for Pounds to spend at their own discretion at home whether they need to cover home furnishings or silverware.
Donations can even be left anonymously so as not to humiliate any guests who can’t give much, and equally not to single out anyone who wants to give a bit more. Don’t hold your breath for an anonymous million pounds though.

Consider the future

If you’re thinking about asking for specific items, you’ve got a chance to get hold of some items which could stay in your family for a long time. Instead of worrying about a novelty teapot, embrace an opportunity to create your own family heirlooms and introduce something to your family that will still be there twenty or thirty years later.

Remember it’s the thought that counts

Finally, why not consider a wedding gift that costs absolutely nothing? If you’re drawing up a list, why not include some alternatives, like organising friends to watch children while you honeymoon or take care of your pets while you’re away.
While this particular idea might cost nothing at all to the guest, it’ll certainly enable the two of you to kick back and relax, look back at all the photos from your special day and truly make it an evening to remember.

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