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The wedding gifting process has evolved over the years giving wedding couples and wedding guests more choice than ever before. Contemporary wedding gift list options mean that gifting is quick and simple but there are a number of things to keep in mind to ensure your wedding gift list is everything you want it to be.

Timing is Everything

One of the most common questions regarding wedding gift lists is when to start creating one. You can begin to think about what you would like to be gifted from the moment you get engaged but you should aim to have the gift list completed by the time you send out your invitations. This way, you can include a card with the details of your gift list and provide your guests with everything they need to know in good time.

Cherry Picking Products and Brands

When online gift lists were first created, couples had to pick a particular store to create a gift list with or go in another direction with honeymoon contributions with a travel provider. Today, you have more choice that ever and you can choose one gift list provider that gives you the best of both worlds. You have a huge variety of gifts to choose so it is wise to take advantage of this. What’s more, your guests will love having a selection of gifting options to choose from so don’t be afraid to list more than one item per guest.

Go with Your Heart

There is still some controversy surrounding modern gift lists that stray away from traditional wedding gifts and many couples feel pressured to stick to traditions. However, don’t opt for the standard toaster, tea cups and trays if you don’t want or need them. If you like the idea of getting family heirlooms that will be treasured forever and handed down through the generations, you are free to include timeless, practical gifts but don’t be shy in asking for honeymoon contributions or even cash donations to spend on something of your choice. Just be sure to include gifts that cater for all budget options.

Closing Your List

While many guests will donate to the wedding gift list before your wedding day or even on the day itself, some guests will gift you after your special day so it is wise to leave it open for at least a month after. Most gift list providers allow couples to leave their wedding gift list up for a year after their wedding as some guests can be slower than others to gift, but how long you choose to give your guests access to yours is a personal choice.

A well put-together wedding gift list is the perfect way to give your guests guidance while giving them flexibility in terms of budget and gift options. Use our tips to take the stress out of compiling a wedding gift list and create the perfect array of wedding gifts for you and your guests.

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