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Couples today have a lot more freedom when it comes to wedding gift lists than ever before. While traditional gift lists focussed on enhancing your home with fancy cutlery and crockery, you now have a whole host of online options from honeymoon funds to luxury purchases that you have always wanted to buy. With this in mind, the key is to tailor your gift list to your individual requirements as a newlywed couple. Here is the ultimate guide to making the most of your wedding gift list.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Shop

Gift lists of the past meant that if you wanted to spend your gift allowance on household products you had to create a gift list at a particular online shop. While this meant that you could focus on household goods, you may still feel limited to a certain number of options.
The good news is that guests can now buy multi-retailer vouchers that give you a much wider choice.

Opt for a Pick and Mix Approach

If in an ideal world, you should spend half of your wedding gift funds on a holiday and half of it on home improvements. You can do exactly that. The latest wedding gift list providers allow you to use your gift donations on a combination of things.

Cater for All Budgets

It is important to include a wide range of differently priced gift options regardless of how many retailers you choose to include on your gift list. You might have found a gift list provider that gives you the variety you need when it comes to spending at different shops but have you considered your guests budget?
Not everyone will be attending the wedding as a couple or a group and therefore, it is wise to consider guests with smaller budgets. The average wedding guest spends £35 but some people will spend less and some will spend more so make sure there are a variety of options.

Make it Personal

Donating cash online can seem like an impersonal act when compared with giving a gift in person all wrapped up with a bow. However, with that said, there is no reason why your gift list page cannot be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Are you are setting up a gift list page for your honeymoon?
Take your time to tailor gifts with activities you are planning at the same time you are there. Allocate funds to different parts of your trip to wine tasting activities and poolside cocktails to hotel suites and air miles. Don’t forget to add a lovely little note about your gift list and perhaps a playful little poem for your guests to read.

Make it Simple for Guests to Contribute

While modern gift lists have been around for a while, there is no harm in making it easy for your guests to contribute. After all, you may have created the gift list of your dreams but you can only make the most out of it if your guests know how to use it. Many gift list providers issue cards that couples can give out to guests prior to the wedding detailing all of the information needed to give a gift.

Whether you choose to upgrade your home, make new memories or do a combination of both, a modern gift list can give you the best of both worlds.

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