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Once you’ve said “I will” it’ll almost be time to say “I do!” and what could possibly be more special than that? Without doubt it’s one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life so there’s absolutely no question your wedding venue has to be perfect.

Here’s five of the most important things to get right:

Consider the guest list

Firstly, you need to decide how many guests you’d like to invite to your special day. This can be a massive task in itself so don’t underestimate it. Also don’t underestimate how much pressure you’ll be under to invite certain people even if you’re running short of space on the list, being firm and getting a firm number is vital.

Do you want to keep it simple, invite immediate friends and family or go the whole hog with extended family, friends from social media and so on? You need to have your guest list locked down to find the perfect venue.

Do you want to get married at home or away?

Next you need to decide on the actual type of wedding you’d like. What’s possible is going to be dictated by your budget and the guest list you’ve got boxed off. While you might have your heart set on the big stately home in the country, booking the location and hosting a huge guest list might be well out of your budget restraints.

A destination wedding has similar problems. While you might be able to cover accommodation for your immediate family, getting your entire guest list out to your dream wedding spot isn’t a plausible idea. If you’re planning to marry abroad make sure what you’ve got in mind isn’t outside what your friends and relatives are willing to spend getting there and staying for a couple of days.

Finding a compromise between your guest list, budget and destination might be a delicate balancing act but it’s crucial when picking the perfect venue.

Does it complement your special requirements?

If you have any specific requirements such as disabled access, or somewhere to keep the younger guests entertained then be sure to consider these too.
If you’re inviting guests with children, you might want special dispensation for children’s entertainment. Or, if you’re inviting elderly guests, it would be worthwhile to find out if they can get rooms quiet enough to block out the sound of the early-hours entertainment if they’d prefer an early night.

It’ll help your peace of mind to know your guests can just relax and enjoy the big day.

Get your planner involved early on

If you think you’ve got the right venue sorted out, don’t hang about before you get your planner involved to see if the space is right for what you have in mind.

Consider photographic opportunities

One of the most magical moments of your big day will undoubtedly be having your photographs taken with loved ones so, in terms of the venue, be sure to have a good think about where and how your photos can be taken.

While doing this, also be sure to think about any adverse weather conditions and always, always, come up with a Plan B if the weather closes in.

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