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With increasingly more couples choosing to live together prior to getting married, deciding on the contents of a perfect wedding gift list can prove, at best, quite the challenge.
So instead of stressing your guests out over what to buy and what will (or won’t) fit into your home, here are five great reasons to choose an online wedding gift list.

Stress-free gift buying

As we’ve said before, a gift list really does take the stress off your friends and family as they won’t have to leave it to chance when it comes to finding something. While some guests might well enjoy taking the time to scour shops or browse through endless websites, you’ll often find the majority of your friends already have a hectic lifestyle and would prefer an easier way to sort out a gift.
By creating an online gift list, you give your guests the perfect choice – they can go through the process of choosing something themselves, or you can easily point them in the right direction.

Gifts you both actually want

As well as buying you something that you specifically want, an online gift list can be more specific in making sure you get what you really need. Let’s use a prime example, the traditional gift of a kettle.

A wedding gift list points them in the direction of the right kettle, even in some cases the preferred make and model, but it also prevents guests from turning up with duplicate items. Imagine your guest’s embarrassment if they find out they all bought you a kettle, and still none of them got the one you actually wanted.

Wedding gift options for every budget

On the subject of price, an online wedding gift list also makes sure guests with every budget in mind are able to make a contribution and feel good about it. We’re sure you’ve got friends in a few income brackets, and we’re also sure you’d be grateful for anything they contributed to your wedding gifts, but an online gift list gets around anyone worrying about giving enough by making it easy to get the couple gifts at any price range.

Consider a charity that is close to your heart

Another popular new idea (particularly for those couples already living together) is to request charitable donations. Most major charities offer a personalised page where you can let your guests know why you might have chosen to support a particular cause and they can even leave a message which appears on your page.

It’s a great way to make your online wedding gift list seem personal while funnelling resources to worthy causes if there’s nothing you particularly need from your wedding guests.

Convenient for everyone

Finally, online wedding gift lifts just make the gifts uncomplicated and unobtrusive, and no one’s shamed if they don’t take part and turn up on the day empty-handed. It really doesn’t get any simpler in terms of taking the stress off your guests and instead allowing them to kick back, relax and enjoy your special day.

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