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Flowers play a huge role in your wedding day from decorating the altar to jazzing up the top table, not to mention those carefully thought out bouquets and corsages. Flowers should of course complement your overall colour scheme for the day, but there is so much more to think about than simply picking out the perfect shade.

Here are five things to consider before meeting with your florist:

Set a Budget

Your wedding flower budget is something that should be considered well before your first meeting with a florist and it is the very first thing you should think about when it comes to floristry for your big day. After all, flowers are rumoured to take up to 8 percent of your entire budget. Going to a meeting with a set figure in mind will make the process a lot simpler from the start. In turn, the florist will be able to give you an instant idea of what is available for your budget.

Pick a Colour Scheme

Colour is perhaps the most important decision as it is essential that your flowers complement every other aspect of your wedding including your bridesmaid dresses, your wedding dress, groomsman and usher attire and of course the mothers of the bride and groom. Getting the colour palette right is one of the more complicated aspects of choosing your wedding flowers. Once you have taken into account attire, you should then consider the setting itself.

Subtle Scents

Scent is another important element to factor into the decision process. Your flowers will be used to decorate the top table and no doubt used as centrepieces for your guest tables also but the perfect choice isn’t all about looks. Strong scents that are particularly overpowering should be avoided as they can take the attention away from the wonderful food you are serving. Combining subtly scented flowers with herbs can be particularly effective. Each herb or flower has a unique scent so it is essential that you pick options that complement each other. It is wise to choose uplifting sweet scents that aren’t too heady such as sweet peas, peonies, jasmine and garden roses.

Consider the Season

The time of year you are getting married will affect your choices significantly. Just like fruits and vegetables, it is important to choose flowers that are in season. Peonies for example are in season from mid-May to early July. If you have your heart set on them but you are getting married in the winter, you will have to pay over and above for them and they will not be as large or vibrant. For this reason, it is wise to choose a flower that is in season to avoid disappointment.

A Personal Touch

Flowers are the perfect way to create a sense of nostalgia on your wedding day, to honour a family member that couldn’t be there or to simply remind you of fonder times. For some couples, incorporating a certain type of flower can act as a walk down memory lane. It could be a scent that reminds you of childhood or a flower that reminds you both of that first holiday you took as a couple. The flowers you choose for your wedding can add those last minute personal touches that make your day unique.

So, there you have it. Five things to consider before you make that all important first meeting with your wedding florist of choice.

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