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After splashing out on your dream wedding, there may not be a lot of money left in the pot for your dream honeymoon, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out. Here are five creative ways you can top up your honeymoon fund.

Find the Leaks in Your Finances

One way to make your money go further is to analyse your outgoings and identify any leaks in your finances. Doing a financial audit can make you aware of where your money is going each month and highlight any unnecessary monthly payments. These could include those pesky subscriptions you forgot to cancel, that direct debit for the insurance policy you took out for the DVD player you don’t even own anymore and the gym membership you never use. These fees may be small but they all add up and this is money that can be used to top up your honeymoon fund and make the experience unforgettable.


Go On a Spending Ban

More and more people are trying out money challenges where they cut down on spending. This could be a challenge to stop buying clothes or makeup for a month or to cut out meals in expensive restaurants. Doing a spending ban is quite the challenge but you can always get your friends and family involved and stop purchasing those luxuries for a good cause. Get your loved ones to sponsor your spending ban and raise money for a charity while topping up that honeymoon fund.


Work Out for Free

Gym memberships can take up a large chunk of your pay check and this money could be better spent elsewhere, like relaxing on a beach in a tropical location. Divide the monthly cost between the amount of times you attend each month to decide whether you are making the most of your membership. It could be that the price per session is a lot higher than you thought. If you don’t get enough use out of it, take your workouts outdoors or do them at home and top up your honeymoon fund.


Swap Your Energy Supplier

When was the last time you evaluated your energy spending? One tiny change such as switching your energy supplier can help to free up additional funds each month. If you pay your monthly gas and electric bills via direct debit, it is all too easy for that money to leave your bank account without a second thought. See if a simple switch could help you top up your honeymoon fund.


Create a Honeymoon Gift List

Another creative way to top up your honeymoon fund is to have your guests contribute to it in the form of wedding gifts. More and more people are setting up honeymoon themed gift lists and choosing experiences instead of household gifts. You can give your guests the chance to contribute an amount of their choice and let them buy you anything from cocktails by the pool to a night in a luxury hotel.

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