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The photographer is often a bit of an unsung hero of the wedding day. Often ignored, overruled, unfed, underpaid and forgotten, they hold the key to the lasting mementos of your wedding day.

Once the wedding gifts have been opened, the confetti swept up and the last slice of wedding cake has been eaten, the photos of your wedding are the lasting souvenirs of your biggest day.

Here’s what photographers say they wished you’d stop doing at wedding which make it harder for them to produce great wedding shots:

1. Letting relatives or friends nose in with their phones:

You’ve hired the pro, don’t let pushy aunties get in the way of the photographer producing a great set of photos.

2. Shoehorning children and animals into shots:

Both notoriously unpredictable and difficult to control, the last minute addition of a squirming, unruly infant or puppy into a shot is a huge bug bear.

3. Editing your own photos and uploading them to Facebook or Pinterest:

Part of your package with your photographer will be editing your photos. Running them through Instagram filters and sharing them is like putting tomato sauce on your fillet mignon.

4. Wasting time in the best light:

Standing outside watching the best light burn while your relatives squabble about who goes in which photos and when is like asking them to put their hand in an oven.

5. Forcing them to go with clichés:

Think shots where everyone’s jumping, a black and white photo with just shoes or flowers in colour and pictures of wedding rings on their own. Photographers have ideas which will make your wedding shots stand out from the crowd.

6. Not telling them about your plans for the ceremonies:

To create their plan of action for the day a photographer needs to know what’s going on. Dropping them into an orchestrated ceremony just makes it difficult and awkward for them to get the best shots.

7. Assuming Photoshop is magic:

It’s really not. Your cousin Derek ruining the shot with a cigarette in his mouth isn’t going to be an easy fix in photo editing.

8. Stealing other photographer’s ideas:

While photographers will be flexible about what you want from your shots, they’re sensitive about outright stealing ideas from their peers.

9. Offering “exposure” in lieu of pay:

You wouldn’t try to pay for a dress by offering to show all your friends the dressmaker’s work on Facebook, so don’t try it with photographers.

10. Not telling them the names of your family:

Being able to address your relatives by name makes it so much easier to corral them into place for shots.

11. Forgetting to feed them:

Make it clear ahead of time whether or not you plan to feed your photographers so they don’t end up on an empty stomach.

12. Being indecisive:

Committing to a location, a date or ceremony agenda makes it easier for your photographer to plan their work, not to mention the rest of your professionals.

13. You don’t leave enough time for photos:

It can be easy to forget to schedule time for some photos among everything else happening on your wedding day, but if you want good mementos you’ll need to set a chunk of time aside.

14. Making them do table shots:

Almost no one finds it easy to walk up to a conversation and interrupt it for a photo, photographers included; they really hate doing the table photos.

15. Being immediately hassled for the photos:

Yes, the camera is digital and the photos don’t need to be developed but they equally can’t produce them immediately. If the photographer is any good, you won’t be their only client.

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