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use a honeymoon gift list to fund a fantasy trip

Let your loved ones easily gift you the perfect honeymoon you’ll never stop talking about with Gift2us

Gift2us is a free honeymoon gift list which lets you collect the funds you need for a honeymoon in one central pot to spend on what you see fit. Your loved ones contribute money at no extra cost, which we store securely, until you’re ready to book your travel.

We’re lucky enough to have an in-house concierge booking service, Love2shop Holidays, to make bespoke bookings on our behalf. This means you’re free to choose whether you want the peace of mind which comes from a package honeymoon or a bespoke experience tailored to your needs.

Wherever your heart is set on going, our concierge booking service is on hand to advise packages, discuss your ideal itinerary, and make the bookings.

Click below to create a honeymoon gift list for free

Exert your creativity

Create an itemised itinerary so your loved ones can chip in for a night in your hotel, your drinks outlay, special experiences or your cab budget. When you share your snaps and memories of your once in a lifetime trips later on they’ll know they helped make a special part of your honeymoon happen.

Or, if you’d rather keep the daily details of your honeymoon itinerary to yourselves, just let your guests know the amount you’re shooting for and they can contribute as much as they wish at their leisure.

For example:

Simple honeymoon fund


Itemised honeymoon gift list


More power to you

To get started with Gift2us all you have to do is sign up, start building your gift page, and we’ll send your free welcome pack and Gift2us Card out in the post. Once your card arrives you can share your list with your friends and family and start collecting funds.

Any cash accrued is kept safe until you’re ready to use it. You can spend cash as it comes in to book your fights, hotel room and special experiences one-by-one or save the money up to book the whole honeymoon at once.

Using gifted funds

Your Gift2us card will be able to access funds as they’re deposited through your wedding gift list, and whenever you’re ready to spend you just call our concierge travel booking service and we’ll help you get everything booked with the funds you’ve accrued.

As we’ve said, it’s entirely your decision as to how you use your funds; any cash deposited into your account is safe and untouched until you decide to use it, and yours to do with what you like. You could even kick the whole honeymoon to the curb at the 11th hour and use the money to buy a new TV if the mood struck you, we’re that flexible.

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